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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make a print book?

The cost of creating a print book depends on several factors including the format (hardcover or paperback), trim size, page count and whether or not you are printing in black & white or premium color. You can use our Quick Quote tool to get an accurate estimate of how much your book will cost before taxes, shipping and handling.

Are there discounts for larger volume orders?

Not right now. But we hope to offer this in the future.

How do I view my sales information?

After you’ve logged into your account from the Print Books homepage, the drop-down under your name in the top right hand corner (the top nav) will show a Sales Reporting option. You may also go to your Print books for Sale tab and navigate to the Sales Reporting option at left. Both take you to your Sales Reporting dashboard for print books.

What is the Sales Reporting page?

The Sales Reporting dashboard shows you recent sales of your print book and allows you to view different reports on screen or as an export to your desktop.

What is on my Sales Reporting page?

Your dashboard shows four (4) areas as well as a drop-down menu of Reports that lets you see various pre-defined reports on screen.

On the top left, you will see recent sales information for This Week, Last Week, This Month and Last Month. Clicking each of these will change the information in the bar graph on the top right. You may also click Your Royalty to change the bar graph to display recent net royalties. Note that print sales always begins with the day prior and does not include today’s sales.

On the bottom, you will see Recent Sales on the left with recent payments by Payment ID on the right. You will also see a drop-down menu that lets you choose to view pre-defined reports as well as one custom report. Recent Sales shows you 10 individual transactions beginning the day prior and going back 36 hours. Payments by ID shows the ID, issue date and royalty amount for payments that have been sent.

Here are the pre-defined reports you can see in the drop-down:

  • Sales by Date – Allows you to see sales data according to a specified time frame. Data can only be shown in a 6-month window.
  • Yesterday Details – Shows specific details of yesterday’s sales
  • Week to Date Details – Features detailed sales data from the previous Sunday to end of day yesterday.
  • Month to Date Details – Features detailed sales data from the first day of the calendar month to end of day yesterday.

How do payments work?

Once you start seeing sales of your NOOK Press print books, you’ll want to track your royalty payment information! For print book sales, you can see payments by ID under the Payments area of the Sales Reporting dashboard, and you may also access a full Payments by ID report in the View Reports drop-down. Here you will find record of the payments that have been made to the bank account you entered in your Vendor Account information.

Remember that according to the Pricing and Payment Terms, you will be issued a payment a) when you have accrued a minimum of $10 in royalties, AND b) 60 days after the close of the calendar month in which the sale occurs (i.e. your October payment will be for your August sales).  Once you have received a payment, you can see the details by clicking on the Payment ID in the Payments section of the Sales Reporting page.

If you have eBook and print book sales, you will be issued one payment that includes eBook and print book sales. There is a $10 payment threshold that must be reached for each payment type.

When will I get paid for the NOOK Books that I have sold?

In most cases, you will be paid 60 days after the close of the calendar month during which a sale occurs if the Total Royalty for that month is greater than $10/£10/€10, according to your payment currency. For example, a June payment would be for sales made during April, a July payment would be for sales made during May, etc. There is a $10/£10/€10 earned royalty minimum required to issue a payment, so if the total earned royalty for any one month is less than $10/£10/€10, that amount will be carried over to the next month. For more details, see our Terms & Conditions. Please make sure the banking information you have entered in your vendor account is accurate and up-to-date so that the payments we attempt are successful.

How will I be paid for my NOOK Book sales?

Payments for print book sales will be in your local currency according to the sale date’s currency exchange rate. Your payments will be transferred into the bank account that you have on file with NOOK Press via an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). If you need to update this information, you can do so on your Vendor Account page.

How does NOOK Press handle customer returns?

We will provide refunds to customers who are unsatisfied with their book purchases at the discretion of Barnes & Noble customer service. Returns will appear on your sales reporting and will be deducted from your next payment.